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The most important part of a business is the Customer. Without you there is no business. All of our Customer care is handled by our small staff. If there is a problem we will work on it together. We will present you with multiple solutions to ensure your satisfaction. Please remember that we are a small family company and we are planning on staying in business for generations to come. All of our Firearms come with a Lifetime Replacement.


Your information will stay Private we do not sell or share your data. Your Safety is of the upmost importance. Please remember that Firearms can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded. Every Firearm incident happens with an "Unloaded Firearm". Never point a Firearm at something you do not intend to destroy. We offer Firearms Training in South Florida, for anyone seeking to learn how to safely handle a Firearm, or improve their shooting skills.

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